MICROPLUS is a foliar plant stimulant product.

MICROPLUS is a combination of selected strains of kelp, growth stimulants and cytokinins.

One word is extremely appropriate to describe this product: VERSITILE!!

MICROPLUS aids in crop-growth push, plant stress reduction, foliar nutrient absorption, early cell division and plant healing from hail, wind, frost, chemical burn, etc.   When tank mixed with foliar fertilizers, it aids in nutrient absorption.  Common uses are:.

- Bud stage to aid crop set.
- Flag-leaf stage for improved grain head formulation.
- Between forage cuttings for plant recovery.
- For tissue healing after a catastrophic event such hail, wind or light frost.
- Preceding or following a stress event such as prolonged extreme temperatures.

MICROPLUS is excellent in aiding the nutrient absorption of ALL foliar fertilizers 

32 oz/acre

Foliar spray only - aerial or ground

None known - contains no surfactant
(Always perform a jar test before tank mixing)

If you are spraying foliar nutrient products on your crop, MICROPLUS sould be in  the tank.  PERIOD!!

Purpose:1.  To aid in nutrient absorption through leaf stomata when applied with foliar nutrient package.

2.  To reduce plant stress.
3.  To enhance plant growth and fruit set.

This is a foliar applied product.

Application Rate:
32 oz/ac