Cherries (Conventional or Organic)


Soil Function, Nutrient Release, Water Penetration

  1. 16 oz/ac Renew through drip or overhead irrigation at dormancy break. May also be spray applied on soil, alone or with herbicides.
  2. Repeat 16 oz/ac Renew 30 days later.


Foliar Nutrient Absorption and Cytokinin Activity for Cell Division and Stem Elongation

  1. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus WITH 1st foliar nutrient spray at bloom.
  2. 16 oz/ac MicroPlus with every subsequent nutrient spray.


Foliar Nutrient Absorption on Post-harvest Trees

  1. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus with mid-to-late season foliar nutrient sprays.
MicroPlus OA Cherry Trees

MicroPlus OA

  • Improved stem length
  • Improved tree health
  • Increased crop size
  • Increase crop quality

Best results are achieved if applied at bloom with foliar nutrient sprays and used in conjunction with AgPro soil stimulant products

MicroPlus OA Foliar Stimulant and Renew Soil Enhancer

MicroPlus OA Foliar Stimulant contains a superior cytokinin package for cell elongation (stem length) and Renew Soil Enhancer improves plant nutrient uptake (color and size).

Microplus OA Stimplex Cherries
Microplus OA Stimplex Cherries Red

Reduced Tree Stress

UntreatedCherries Untreated
Treated With MicroPlus OA and RenewCherries Treated