Beans, Peas, Canola, Sunflowers, Safflowers & Lentils


Soil Function, Nutrient Release, Residual Herbicide Protection, Water Penetration

  1. 32 oz/ac Reclaim at planting, spray applied or pivot run


Root structure enhancement (if using liquid starter fertilizer).

  1. 24-32 oz/ac Seed Boost in furrow at planting, over seed with phosphorous starter fertilizer of choice


Foliar nutrient application at bud/bloom stage to improve plant health, aid in crop set, push cell division with cytokinins and provide heat stress protection during bloom.

  1. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus with:
    • 32 oz/ac micronutrient package of choice which contains Zn, Mn, B
    • Liquid phosphorous product of choice targeting at least 3 units of P /ac

Garden-Bean Seed in Warden, WA

UntreatedSeedboost Garden Bean Seed Warden WA Untreated
TreatedSeedboost Garden Bean Seed Warden WA Treated

Irrigated Spring Canola, 3700#/ac. Wilbur, WA, July 25, 2019

1 qt/ac Reclaim at planting, 1 qt/ac MicroPlus with foliar nutrients at bolt stage.

Canola Treated With Reclaim and MicroPlus

Heat Stress Control With Enhanced Set

MicroPlus, Phosphorous and trace minerals at early bud stage. 100 degree heat during week of bloom with NO blossom drop!
Wilbur, WA, June 13, 2016.

Peas Heat Stress Control With MicroPlus

Reclaim and MicroPlus, Wilbur, Wa 2020

Sunflower Field Wilbur WA

Consistent Quality, Consistent Stand, Amazing Yield!

Sunflower Seeds

Irrigated Winter Canola

Reclaim applied at fall planting. MicroPlus applied after frost at bolt stage with phosphorous and trace minerals. Excellent yield on Canola! Over 1000# above neighboring fields.

  • Irrigated Winter Canola Frost
    Frost May 1, 2013