Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries


Soil Function, Nutrient Release, Water Penetration

  1. 32 oz/ac A•I•M through irrigation 1st water
  2. 32 oz/ac A•I•M or 16 oz/ac Renew every 30 to 45 days up to 30 days before dormancy


Foliar nutrient absorption and cytokinin activity for cell division.

  1. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus with foliar nutrient sprays at pre-bloom stage (improved set).
  2. 16 oz/ac MicroPlus with all subsequent foliar nutrient sprays.


Stress relief and plant health.

  1. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus 1 to 4 days prior to heat or cold stress if predicted with nutrient package.
  2. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus with foliar nutrients (and/or fungicides if needed) immediately following a stress event, i.e. hail, wind, frost, heat or heavy harvesting stress.


Treated with Renew Soil Enhancer and MicroPlus OA Foliar Plant Stimulant. Photos taken August 10, 2010.

UntreatedBlueberries Untreated
TreatedBlueberries Treated