Crop Damage


AIR Applied: Plant Damage Recovery, Increased Plant Carbohydrates, Nutrient Absorption, Improved Plant Health

  1. 16 oz/ac MicroPlus and 16 oz/ac Renew with fungicide of choice and foliar nutrients of choice ASAP after hail storm, wind damage, heat stress or sub-lethal frost damage.


PIVOT Applied: Plant Damage Recovery, Soil Nutrient Release and Improved Plant Health

  1. 32 oz/ac Reclaim spray applied or water run ASAP after hail storm.

Hail Storm, Manhattan, MT, July 31, 2013

Both fields treated with routine fungicide. Fields are only separated by a road. Both photos taken August 23, 2013.

No AgPro ProductsHail Damage Untreated
32 oz Reclaim August 15, 2013Hail Damage Treated

Hail Damage, June 23, 2013

Hail Damage

20 Days Later!

Pivot Run 28-0-0 OnlyHail Damage Dean Untreated
MicroPlus, Foliar Nutrients & FungicideHail Damage Dean Treated

Hail Damage on Potatoes, Farmington, NM

Reclaim Applied Day After StormPotato Hail Damage Untreated
One Week After Reclaim AppliedPotato Hail Damage Treated
MicroPlus Applied Day After StormPotato Field Hail Damage Untreated
One Week After MicroPlus AppliedPotato Field Hail Damage Treated

Desert-Fire Stress

Heat damage treated with MicroPlus with nutrients/fungicide. One-week recovery.

UntreatedDesert Fire Stress Untreated
TreatedDesert Fire Stress Treated

Winter Damage, Alderdale, WA

Untreated vineyard about 800 ft. elevation.

Vineyard Untreated

AgPro treated vineyard about 600 ft elevation.

No winter damage. MicroPlus, KTS and N-Sure (foliar applied) at veraison 2010. Raised Brix in crop, raised Brix in sap, pushed K to new wood for increased cell integrity and strength.

Vineyard Treated

Chemical Tissue Burn Five Days After Damage

TreatedChemical Burn Treated
UntreatedChemical Burn Untreated

Quote from grower that accidentally burned his barley with herbicide:
“I sent this picture for you to use. It is 5 days since we sprayed the ‘snake oil’ and minerals on it. It does not have the yellow tips and is darker green than the untreated right side. We will see how harvest goes as well as a plot that waited 5 days before the purchase of your product. The wait on that 30 acres will be costly.” – June 23, 2013

Note: For tissue burn, not systemic damage.