Seed Alfalfa


Soil Function, Nutrient Release, Water Penetration, Compaction Release

  1. 32 oz/ac A•I•M 3 weeks after dormancy break (may be applied with herbicide sprays)


Insecticide Efficacy, Foliar Nutrient Absorption, Cell Division (cytokinins), Set Enhancement

  1. 32 oz/ac FoliarPlex with cleanup insecticide (just before bees go out). Also recommended in tank:
    • 3 lb/ac Phosphorous
    • 32 oz/ac foliar trace mineral blend including Zn, Mn, B & Cu


Pod Fill, Regrowth Deterrent

  1. 16 oz/ac Seed Set (AgPro specialty product – inquire with AgPro Representative).
    • With 1 gallon foliar applied K spray (high quality to avoid burn)
    • May be applied with mid-season insecticide sprays, shortly after bulk of set

Alfalfa Seed: Reclaim, FoliarPlex, Seed Set. 33% Increase Over Field Best.

Alfalfa Seed