The Only Glyphosate Additive You Need!

pHLAME is a special formulation conditioning agent designed to save costs by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of low pH contact herbicides.

Four components in one product:

  • Buffering agent – enhances chemical effectiveness by lowering pH, and tying up carbonates and bicarbonates in water. (7% sulfur)
  • 5% Nitrogen – increases chemical uptake.
  • Non-ionic surfactants – aid in coverage.
  • Specialized enzyme complexes, unique to our pHLAME product.
    • promotes efficient chemical absorption (opens leaf channels)
    • stimulates plant metabolization of chemical (movement to roots)

Less cost per acre, more effective per ounce! Heat up your Glyphosate!

RATE: 16 – 32oz/100 gallons of water

MIXING RESTRICTIONS: Only appropriate with low pH herbicides that allow for surfactant additives. (Always perform a jar test before tank mixing)

APPLICATION METHOD: With contact herbicide. pHLAME is non-detrimental to spray equipment! pHLAME does not have the salt factor associated with ammonium sulfate. (gentle on GMO direct sprayed crops). pHLAME is also appropriate to use with “burn-down” chemicals on potatoes and other crops.

Eastern Washington August 25, 2016

Five days after application…2 to 3 foot tall Pigweed. 32 oz/ac glyphosate with pHlame (32oz/100gal water)

pHLAME Eastern Washington Dead Pigweed

30 Days Post Glyphosate Application

Standard Surfactant & GlyphosatepHLAME Standard Surfactant And Glyphosate
pHLAME And GlyphosatepHLAME And Glyphosate