Seed Boost

Labeled as Seed Treatment

Two direction seedling push:

  1. Enhance rooting
  2. Make nutrition more available to early root structure.

Seed Boost (Seed Treatment) is all about root enhancement and early plant vigor. It is a combination of enzyme complexes targeting enhanced rooting and nutrient availability. Application of Seed Boost needs to be targeted on the seed itself. It is often placed in furrow at planting, mixed with a liquid starter fertilizer. In addition to giving the plant a stronger healthy root system right off the get go, Seed Boost also triggers microbial activity directly around the new seedling, to release nutrients early and make fertilizer more plant available.

Seed Boost for row crops, can be applied with a liquid in-furrow applicator at planting, preferably with starter fertilizer. For permanent perennial crops, it can be run through drip irrigation systems as long as it is concentrated in the root zone. It can also be used as a pre-treat on transplants, cut seed potatoes, or dry seed.

APPLICATION METHOD: Spray in-furrow during planting with starter fertilizer, or water run it through drip irrigation. Spray directly on seed or seed piece (pre-plant).

MIXING RESTRICTIONS: None known (always perform a jar test before tank mixing). Can be mixed with liquid pesticides.


  • In furrow:
    • Potatoes (32 oz/acre)
    • Corns, Beans, Beets, etc (16 oz/ac up to 32 oz/acre)
  • Direct seed piece: Potatoes, 32 oz/acre
  • Drip irrigation: 32 oz/acre
  • Root drench: 2% solution
  • Pre-plant grain treatment: 6 – 8 oz per 100# of seed
  • Tray watering: 1% solution
  • Field transplant water: 32 oz/acre (i.e. 32 oz/300 gal water)

Cauliflower Seedlings in California Greenhouse

TreatedCauliflower Seedlings in California Greenhouse Treated
UntreatedCauliflower Seedlings in California Greenhouse Untreated

Garden-Bean Seed in Warden, WA

UntreatedSeed Boost Garden Bean Seed Warden WA Untreated
TreatedSeed Boost Garden Bean Seed Warden WA Treated

Potatoes in Arbon Valley, ID

UntreatedSeed Boost Potatoes Arbon Valley ID Untreated
TreatedSeed Boost Potatoes Arbon Valley ID Treated

Field Corn in Glendive, MT

Notice phosphorous deficiency differences in the leaves. Increased leaf size.

UntreatedSeedboost Field Corn Glendive MT Untreated
TreatedSeedboost Field Corn Glendive MT Treated

Field Corn in Belle Forche, SD

Seed Boost Comparison Belle Forche SD Corn

Cherry Trees

  • Seedboost Cherries June 16 2016
    June 16, 2016

Hemp, Wilbur, WA Eleven Days After Transplant July 3, 2019

No Seed BoostSeed Boost Hemp Wilbur WA Untreated
Seed Boost at TransplantSeed Boost Hemp Wilbur WA Treated