Root Enhancement, Nutrient Release

  1. 32 oz/ac Seed Boost in furrow at planting with starter fertilizer OR spray applied behind cutter, mixed WITH chemical. (Seed Piece is target)


Soil Function, Nutrient Release, Water Penetration

  1. 32 oz/ac A.I.M through water 1st or 2nd water or spray applied.
  2. 16 oz/ac Renew 30 to 40 days following initial A.I.M application. NOTE: Only mix with herbicide if pre-emergent!!


Stress Reduction/Recovery

  1. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus ahead of predicted heat event with foliar nutrient of choice, OR use as recovery tool following stress event (hail, wind, frost, heat).


Bulking (Nutrient Release/Improved Root Function)

  1. 16 oz/ac Renew 7 weeks to kill.
  2. 16 oz/ac Renew 4 weeks to kill.

Note: When foliar nutrient programs are used, ADD 16 oz/ac MicroPlus to spray at any stage to improve leaf absorption and plant nutrient metabolism. 16 oz/ac MicroPlus may also be added to fungicide applications to reduce plant stress and improve translaminar activity.

Potatoes in Arbon Valley, ID

UntreatedSeedboost Potatoes Arbon Valley ID Untreated
TreatedSeedboost Potatoes Arbon Valley ID Treated

Beautiful Reds! Warden, WA

Beautiful Red Potatoes

Seed Boost & Reclaim, Warden, WA

Potato Blooms
Potato Cellar