Foliar Application

MicroPlus is designed to be a foliar plant stimulant product. (Not a fertilizer)

MicroPlus combines selected strains of kelp and growth stimulants. One word is extremely appropriate to describe this product: VERSATILE!

MicroPlus is a fantastic tool that can aid in:

  • Crop-growth push
  • Plant stress reduction
  • Foliar nutrient absorption
  • Early cell elongation
  • Plant healing from hail, wind, frost, chemical burn, etc.
  • Leaf absorption when tank mixed with foliar fertilizers and/or foliar fungicides

MicroPlus can allow for manipulation of crop performance at critical growth stages when combined with specific foliar nutrient fertilizers:

  • Bud stage – to aid crop set and cell elongation. (P,K,Mn,Zn,B)
  • Between forage cuttings – for plant recovery. (N,P,K)
  • For tissue healing after a catastrophic event such as hail, wind or light frost. (N,P,K and all trace) *Appropriate to add to fungicides for improved translaminar action.
  • Preceding or following a stress event such as prolonged extreme temperatures. (N,P,K and all trace minerals)
  • For light frost protection. (K and all trace minerals 3 or more days ahead of event.)
  • Excellent tank mixed with post emergent herbicides to buffer burn.

Remember: MicroPlus is like a freight train driving through leaf channels. LOAD IT with your choice of nutrients. MicroPlus will then trigger plants to metabolize and utilize these nutrients!

If you are spraying foliar nutrient products on your crop, MicroPlus OA should be in the tank. PERIOD!!

Use the Red Label
Tool Box!!

RATE: 16 oz/acre to 32 oz/acre

APPLICATION METHOD: Foliar spray only – aerial or ground

MIXING RESTRICTIONS: None known – contains no surfactant (Always perform a jar test before tank mixing)

Garden Bean Seed

A•I•M, Reclaim and MicroPlus. Warden, WA 2011

Garden Bean Seed Warden

MicroPlus Foliar Application with Nutrient Package

Aberdeen, WA 2013

Nutrient Package OnlyMicroPlus OA Nutrient Package Only
MicroPlus and Nutrient PackageMicroPlus OA Nutrient Package and MicroPlus
MicroPlus OA Cherry Trees


  • Improved stem length
  • Improved tree health
  • Increased crop size
  • Increase crop quality

Best results are achieved if applied at bloom with foliar nutrient sprays and used in conjunction with AgPro soil stimulant products

MicroPlus Foliar Stimulant and Renew Ground Treatment

MicroPlus Foliar Stimulant contains a superior cytokinin package for cell elongation (stem length) and Renew Soil Enhancer improves plant nutrient uptake (color and size).

Microplus OA Stimplex Cherries
Microplus OA Stimplex Cherries Red