Product Label AgPro Systems Corset Soil Enhancer


6-0-0 Soil Enhancer

Corset is a biostimulant that harnesses the SYNERGY of protein hydrolysates and broad spectrum enzyme-based microbial stimulants.

Target/Timing: Added Fruit/Seed Set

Add this product to your foliar EARLY BUD SPRAY containing 32oz/ac MicroPlus, 1 gal foliar phosphorous nutrition, and a trace mineral blend containing Zn, Mn and B.

Target/Timing: Plant Growth & Health Push

Apply Corset through irrigation or spray apply broadcast during early growth stages.


32 oz/acre

Application Method

Pivot irrigation, drip line irrigation, aerial spray, ground spray.

Mixing Restrictions

None known. Always perform a jar test before tank mixing.

Garden Beans, Harlowton, MT

Corset Garden Beans Harlowton MT Plants
Corset Garden Beans Harlowton MT Field

Pinto Beans

UntreatedPinto Beans No Corset
TreatedPinto Beans With Corset
UntreatedCorset Pinto Beans Untreated
TreatedCorset Pinto Beans Treated