Soil Function, Nutrient Release, Water Penetration

  1. 32 oz/ac Reclaim pre-plant or through 1st water
    • Reclaim soil microbial stimulant aids in: soil nutrient availability, soil structure improvement (better water and air penetration, and water-holding capacity), mitigation of herbicide residuals. This is very important to consider since Hemp and Cannabis extractions are concentrated in processing and testing parameters are pharmaceutical, not just food grade.
  2. 32 oz/ac Reclaim 40 days later
  3. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus at early bud formation with foliar nutrition package (3 units Phos with trace mineral blend that contains Zn, Mn, B)
    • MicroPlus contains cytokinins that push cell elongation. MicroPlus aids in improving nutrient intake through the leaf. MicroPlus is a vital tool to aid in plant stress protection (i.e. heat stress) and plant stress recovery (i.e. wind, hail, frost). Stress reduction is very important to keep plants within their genetic tendencies. (i.e. THC and CBD ratios). On cannabis varieties, genetic expression is improved with plant health.
  4. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus 2 to 3 days ahead of heat event for heat stress mitigation, (combine with foliar nutrients of choice).
  5. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus 3 to 7 days preceding light frost prediction with 3 to 4 units foliar potassium and a trace mineral package.
  6. 16 oz/ac MicroPlus with any foliar fungicide application.

Note: MicroPlus may be used for other stress issues (i.e. hail, wind, frost, etc.).



  1. 2% solution MicroPlus spray applied on plants (in trays) upon arrival to help with transport and transplant stress.
  2. Seed Boost may be added to transplanting water. Optimum application rate is 2 quarts per acre, and/or mix a 1% solution and use when watering trays if needed upon arrival.

Hemp, Wilbur, WA Eleven Days After Transplant July 3, 2019

No Seed BoostSeedboost Hemp Wilbur WA Untreated
Seed Boost at TransplantSeedboost Hemp Wilbur WA Treated

Hemp, Eastern Washington

Hemp July Mid Season

Treated With Seed Boost, Reclaim and MicroPlus OA

Two nights mid-September, temperatures dropped to 23 degrees. Four days preceding cold temperatures, MicroPlus foliar was applied with K and trace minerals. Excellent frost protection! Excellent crop with NO frost damage.

Hemp Treated