RENEW is an extremely concentrated base enzyme product containing microbial stimulants (contains no surfactants).

RENEW contains 4 different auxin groups, humates, and multiple enzyme complexes.

RENEW can be used as a soil microbial stimulant or as a foliar spray to enhance plant metabolism at critical growth stages.  As it has no known mixing restrictions, it is very versatile and convenient to apply to all growth stages, including bulking and size-finish stages of a crop, (mixes great with liquid fertilizer).  It is also excellent to mix with liquid starter Phos fertilizers in-furrow at planting with placement on or below seed.  RENEW greatly increases the availability of nutrients at this critical growth stage.

16 oz/acre broadcast or through water
8 oz/acre in-furrow with liquid starter fertilizer

Pivot irrigation, drip line irrigation, aerial spray, ground spray and in-furrow fertilizer placement.

None known (Always perform a jar test before tank mixing)

Purpose:1.  Extremely concentrated soil and plant stimulant containing four Auxin groups, humates and multiple enzyme complexes.

2.  To promote over-all soil health and funciton as a broad spectrum soil microbial stimulant.

3.  Use at reduced rates with in furrow fertilizer that is placed on or under the seed.

4.  To promote late season bulking in crops such as potatoes, onions, apples, etc.

Entire soil profile - apply through pivot, by airplane, by ground sprayer or through drip irrigation or in furrow with liquid fertilizer.

Application Rate:
16 oz/ac

Timing:At 1st water, at planting or with cover spray.
May apply every 14 - 30 days as needed throughout season.

NoteRenew is very compatible with chemical and fertilizer tank mixes