RECLAIM is a soil treatment product with 3 distinct uses:

1.RECLAIM was originally designed for the degradation of herbicide residual. Pre-plant application is preferred, but post-plant application is acceptable.  If you are actually seeing sub-lethal herbicide effects on your crops, time is of the essence!

RECLAIM can heal the sick, but it can’t bring back the dead…apply in a timely manner!! Depending on the severity of the chemical residual, more than one application is sometimes needed.

2.RECLAIM is an excellent general soil conditioner.  It has broad-spectrum enzyme complexes and proprietary blends of microbial stimulants.  These components effectively increase the micro-biology within the soil, allowing for better water management, nutrient release, and root enhancement. RECLAIM can be used anytime through out the growing season for this purpose.

3.RECLAIM, used as a mid-to-late season application, is an excellent tool to push bulking on potatoes, onions, and many other crops.

The concept is two-fold.

    - First, RECLAIM stimulates new root growth at a time when a plant’s root system is trying to slow down.  The new root is more efficiently able to retrieve phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients.

    -Second, RECLAIM stimulates microbial activity, making Phosphorus and Potassium more plant-available.

Now that is Efficient Soil Function!!

32 oz/acre

Pivot irrigation, drip line irrigation, aerial spray, ground spray

Can be mixed with most chemicals and some nutrients.
NEVER Tank mix with Phosphorous or Sulfur based fertilizers or chemicals.
(Always perform a jar test before tank mixing)

To reduce damaging effects on the growing crop caused by herbicide carryover and to enhance herbicide residual degredation. 

Entire soil profile - apply through pivot, drip-irrigation, overhead-irrigation, by airplane or by ground sprayer.

Application Rate:
32 oz/ac

1 week pre-plant (preferred), at seeding, immediately after seeding OR as soon as possible when problem is identified.

NoteNever mix Reclaim in  the same tank as an acid based fertilizer or chemical (phosphorous or sulfur)