Foliarplex is a formulation of: 
1. AgPro Systems’ MicroPlus foliar product
2. high-quality non-ionic surfactant
3. herbal/citrus extracts

Foliarplex was designed to enhance CONTACT and TRANSLAMINAR insecticide effectiveness while decreasing the stress of the plant.

1. Microplus:
Microplus is a foliar AgPro product designed to heal plant injury, push cell division through cytokinan activity, and open leaf stomata to increase foliar nutrient intake.  This same leaf stimulation gives an advantage to insecticides that work through translaminar action by allowing optimum leaf absorption.  The MicroPlus product was also used as the base of the Foliarplex product to reduce the stress of the plant caused by the insect infestation, to raise the carbohydrates of the plant, and to promote healing.

2. Surfactant:
Foliarplex contains a very high quality non-ionic surfactant to aid in spread of insecticides over the leaf area. NO MORE ADDITIONAL SURFACTANT IS NEEDED (if insecticide label calls for the use of oil, use it also!) 

3. Herbal Extracts:
This component of Foliarplex is unique.  Foliarplex is specifically formulated to irritate insects in order to excite their movements . . .  bring them out from the plant crown, and from under leaves so they come in better contact with the insecticide.  IMPROVED KILL!!

32 oz/acre

Appropriate with foliar insecticides only, with atleast 5 (preferably more) gallons of spray mix per acre.

Use only with insecticides that allow for surfactant in tank mix.
(Always perform a jar test before tank mixing)

Similiar to MICROPLUS in plant stimulant qualities, but also contains surfactant, citronella complexes and 5% N. Most appropriate use is with foliar applied contact and translaminar insecticides.
Reduces plant stress while increasing insecticide kill.

This is always a foliar applied product.

Application Rate:
32 oz/ac