AIM is a broad-spectrum versatile soil conditioner and biological enhancer.  It is made up of soil microbial stimulants, and a non-ionic surfactant.  AIM is an excellent soil treatment choice where compaction and water penetration are a challenge because it targets both aerobic and anaerobic species.  By increasing multiple types of micro- organisms, AIM can effectively improve soil aggregation while also improving nutrient ability.

32 oz/acre

Pivot irrigation, drip line irrigation, aerial spray, ground spray

Excellent mix with most chemicals and fertilizers. 
Remember, it contains a non-ionic surfactant that will increase the efficiency of herbicides.
Make sure your chemical labels allow for the use of a surfactant when you are tank-mixing with herbicides and insecticides.
(Always perform a jar test before tank mixing).

Purpose:Air and water Infiltration Management
To improve soil structure, water penetration and nutrient release through increased soil microbial activity. 

Target: Entire soil profile - apply through pivot, drip-irrigation, overhead-irrigation, by airplane or by ground sprayer.

Application Rate:
32 oz/ac  (may be applied alone, with chemical - if labeled for surfactant, or with fertilizer)

Timing:Timing with this product is very flexible and may be used multiple times throughout the season.
Potatoes - early hooking
Corn, beans and alfalfa - 1st watering or with herbicide spray
Malt barley and wheat - boot stage or earlier