Following are options for crop specific AgPro programs. All product programs can be tailor designed to accommodate each growers needs according to their irrigation systems, soil types, chemical applications and timing, planting practices, tilling practices, soil temperatures, and target preference.

Root Enhancement, Nutrient Release
1. 32 oz/ac Seed Boost 1st water through drip-line after planting.

Soil Function, Nutrient Release, Herbicide Residual Protection
1. 32 oz/ac Reclaim water-run or spray applied 30 days after planting,
(if there is a known herbicide residual issue, apply via broadcast at or before planting).
2. 32 oz/ac AIM 30-45 days after Reclaim is applied.
3. 32 oz/ac AIM 30-45 days after previous appplication.
* If Fall planting, apply Reclaim at dormancy or 1st watering in the Spring.

Foliar Nutrient Absorption, Plant Health, Fruit Set
1. 32 oz/ac MicroPlus with foliar nutrients of choice at bloom stage,
(should include at least 4#/ac Phos, a good foliar Calcium source and a trace mineral package including Zn, MN, CU, B, Fe).
2. Repeat Step 1 every 14 to 21 days.