potatoes2Following are options for crop specific AgPro programs. All product programs can be tailor designed to accommodate each growers needs according to their irrigation systems, soil types, chemical applications and timing, planting practices, tilling practices, soil temperatures, and target preference. 

Root Enhancement, Nutrient Release

1.  32 oz/ac Seed Boost in furrow at planting with starter fertilizer

    OR spray applied behind cutter, mixed WITH chemical. 

Soil Function, Nutrient Release, Water Penetration

1.  32 oz/ac AIM at through water 1st or 2nd water or spray applied.

NOTE:  Only mix with herbicide if pre-emergent!!  

Bulking (Nutrient Release/Improved Root Function)

1.  32 oz/ac Reclaim 7 weeks to kill.

2.  32 oz/ac Reclaim 4 weeks to kill

Note: If foliar nutrient programs are used, ADD 32 oz/ac Microplus to spray at any stage to improve leaf absorption and plant nutrient metabolism.