All soil textbooks describe the essential need for a healthy population of soil microbes.  This ecosystem in the soil is responsible for all higher plant life, and has a direct effect on the quality and growth of all growing things.

TURFBLEND can easily enhance the activity and volume of soil microbial populations.  It is made up primarily of soil microbial stimulants and natural enzyme complexes that directly target and increase beneficial soil bacteria, fungi and actinomyces populations.

This type of change in the soil’s ecosystem can have huge positive effects on the growth potential of plants because: 
- Soil becomes softened and mallow
- Organic matter breaks down more efficiently 
- Nutrients within the soil are readily released to plant available forms
- Water and air can be more effectively managed throughout the soil profile
- Overall seedling vigor and germination is increased
- Root masses become larger
- All plant life becomes healthier, and has increased growth potential!

TURFBLEND stimulates more than just the soil!!
It contains natural plant growth stimulants, and kelp-seaweed extracts. These ingredients target plants themselves, delivering growth stimulation, and stress relief and early cell division.  This component gives virtually immediate improvement to over-all growth and can help relieve stress from cutting and heavy use, (sport fields).

TURFBLEND is easy to use!  Because it is a natural biological complex instead of a harsh chemical, it is safe for the soil and the people who use it.  This liquid product is a CONCENTRATE packaged in 16 oz plastic bottles as well as 5 gallon containers. 

2 oz 1000 sq ft; may be used every 30 days

Broadcast spray directly on turf or plants with sprayer.

None known 
(Always perform a jar test before tank mixing)

Turf Blend is a combination, “blend”, product designed to enhance turf from THREE directions:

1.  SOIL - microbial stimulants to condition the soil structure, enhance nutrient availability and improve soil air and water management.

2.  ROOTS - root growth stimulants to provide a healthier, larger, more functional root system.

3.  PLANT - plant growth stimulants to promote healthy turf growth along with kelp-seaweed extracts used to heal grass from cutting and hard use.

Broadcast spray directly on turf

Application Rate:
2 oz/1000 sq ft once a month