Wine Grapes

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Following are options for crop specific AgPro programs. All product programs can be tailor designed to accommodate each growers needs according to their irrigation systems, soil types, chemical applications and timing, planting practices, tilling practices, soil temperatures, and target preference. 

16 oz/acre RENEW through drip 1st water
32 oz/acre MICROPLUS pre-bloom.  Foliar may be mixed with other sprays.
32 oz/acre MICROPLUS post-bloom.  Foliar may be mixed with other sprays.
16 oz/acre MICROPLUS at veration with potassium sprays.

New Planting 32oz/ac SEED BOOST through drip 1st water, repeat 30 days later.  Appropriate to use 2nd year after planting as well. Also, 32 oz/ac Reclaim broadcast to clean up any potential herbicide residual problems.

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